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Annus horribilis

  • Hi everyone, and welcome to captain’s blog.

    I hope your all well and have had a lovely Xmas. Unfortunately the corona virus is still very much around and not much change since my last blog in September, but we’ll keep buggering on and hopefully get back to some sort of normality soon.

    It’s mad to think that my year as captain would of actually come to an end now, which of course would have been terrible, and i’m very thankful to everyone to let me stay on for another year, [honestly fellas are you sure lol] especially our vice captain Richard, let’s hope for a much better year [Annus mirabilis] and get back to the main comps, along with captain’s day, president’s day, my club trip etc and all the great social occasions we have, and i’m hoping that all our members will join in and get behind the club, and put lot’s of money behind the bar, which of course we can’t wait to open up again.

    Meanwhile Mark and Andy have been selling can’s [which we’ve enjoyed outside maintaining social distance of course] with the profit’s going to my charity, which if you’ve forgot is Alzheimer’s UK ha ha, a lovely gesture and much appreciated, many thanks also to everyone who’s contributed, it’s getting close to a monkey now [£500] pretty blummin good under the circumstances and show’s the generosity of our members.

    My sister in law Helen is going to make me some cups with our emblem on, which i’ll hopefully sell on to you guy’s , all the profit’s will go into my charity.

    Well i think that’s about it for now, all that remains is to say a massive Thankyou to everyone who’s helped and supported me throughout the year, and wish you all a very happy new year.

    Cheers everyone!





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