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HANDICAPS – the World Handicapping System (WHS)

HANDICAPS – the World Handicapping System (WHS)

Handicap Index and Course Handicap

The World Handicap System is designed to welcome more players, to make golf easier to understand and to give all golfers a handicap which is portable all around the globe.

A handicap is obtained by submitting cards covering 54 holes of play. This becomes your Handicap Index.

Once established, your Handicap Index is based on the best 8 scores from the most recent 20 qualifying competitions played within a 2-year period. Systems exist to cater for players who have yet to complete 20 qualifying rounds and also for those who do not play that number within a 2-year period.

Depending on the course you play, your Handicap Index changes to become your Course Handicap. The necessary details can be obtained by clicking on the buttons below. The Course Handicap may be higher or lower than your Handicap Index.

Course Handicap Tables are also displayed on the external Notice Board and in the Locker Rooms. England Golf recommend downloading the MyEG app which enables you to view your Course Handicap at any course in the U.K.

The Course Handicap can be calculated manually using the equation formula below:
Handicap Index X (slope rating ÷ 113) = Course Handicap

Example :
Using the Course Handicap Table : Handicap Index 22.5 playing the Summer White Tees : Course Handicap 21
Using the manual method : Handicap Index 22.5 x (104 /113) = 20.7 which rounds up to 21.


Playing Handicap

Having obtained your Course Handicap, a further adjustment is required. which changes your Course Handicap to your Playing Handicap. This should only be used when playing competitive rounds of golf.

Details of the adjustment can be found by viewing the WHS Playing Handicap Allowances Table. The adjustment differs depending on the type of competition in which you are playing.

To calculate your Playing Handicap for a competitive round you need just one calculation : Course Handicap x Handicap Allowance = Playing Handicap

Example : Handicap Index 14.9 playing the Summer Red Tees : Course Handicap 15.

Individual Stableford/ Medal Allowance 95% of 15 : Playing Handicap thus becomes 14.

Ben Rhydding Golf Club Summer Course Handicap Tables

Ben Rhydding Golf Club Winter Course Handicap Tables

Playing Handicap Allowance table

Course and Slope Ratings

The Slope Rating indicates the difficulty of a golf course for the ‘Bogey Golfer’ relative to the
Scratch Golfer. The Course Rating indicates the number of strokes the Scratch Golfer is expected to
take from a set of tees under normal playing conditions. The course is also rated for a ‘Bogey Golfer’
and it is the relationship between the two ratings which indicates the slope rating.

Slope Rating values range from 55 through to 155

White Tees : Course Rating 64.7 : Slope Rating 104

Front Nine 32.5/108 : Back Nine 32.2/100

Yellow Tees : Course Rating 64.0 : Slope Rating 102

Front Nine 32.2/104 : Back Nine 31.8/99

Red Tees : Course Rating 66.9 : Slope Rating 116

Front Nine 34.0/118 : Back Nine 32.9/113