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Information for Visitors
Cards and other information items are kept in the Green Fee Box near the corner of the clubhouse. A Course Safety notice is displayed on the door of the Green Fee Box. Please read this before playing the course. To check if the course is available for the time you wish to play or to book a tee time then please click on the Visitor Booking button below. If you wish to see if a time may be available more than two weeks ahead then it may be helpful to look at the Men's & Ladies' Fixture Cards to see what events the Club has planned.
If the weather is such that the course may be closed then please telephone the Club 01943 608759 for clarification.
Your ticket also entitles you to a 10% discount on all drinks at the Wheatley Arms.
During the period October 2021 to March 2022 whilst playing from the winter tees  then the Club is reducing its Green Fees (see below for details). Please note that if the ground conditions are exceptionally wet then a shortened course will be brought into use and a notice advising of this displayed outside the clubhouse.

Visitor Booking

If you wish to book a tee time, then this can be done on-line through GOLFNOW.

Visitor Booking
The Club asks visitors to book and pay using the on-line booking system via GolfNow. However, we realise that not everyone has  internet access and so  payment can be made via the Green Fee box set in the wall near the corner of the clubhouse. Before paying, please check to ensure that a tee time is available for you and that the course is not closed or in full use. Put your cash in one of the envelopes and post it down the slot at the back of the box. Please complete a receipt slip from the book provided, keeping your ticket as proof of payment as you may be asked to produce this whilst on the course. As the Club is run largely on a volunteer basis then the clubhouse may not be open so please bring the exact amount of cash needed for your Green Fees.

Green Fees -Pay and Play

18 Holes £15
9 Holes £10

Green Fees -With a Member

18 Holes £9
9 Holes £6

Visitor offer

Fourballs can play 9 holes for just £30 or 18 holes for £45 during the week or most weekend afternoons.

If you hit a shot into an area out of sight, or if there is a chance anyone might be in the flight path of the ball, or might be standing where the ball could land, shout “Fore!” immediately. This will help other players take evasive action.

Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs and the Yorkshire Ladies County Golf Association COUNTY CARD SCHEME

Cardholders can enjoy 9 or 18 holes of golf at a reduced green fee. Please contact the Club Secretary by email or telephone to arrange your game.

Whilst England Golf provides Personal Liability Insurance for registered active playing members of the Club in connection with certain golfing mishaps this doesn’t provide cover for many other golfing incidents. It is recommended that members and visitors take out specialised golf insurance. Information on some providers is available in  the locker rooms.”

World Handicap System

The World Handicap System is is now operational within the U.K.. It is designed to welcome more players, to make golf easier to understand and to give all golfers a handicap which is portable all around the globe.

White Tees (Men) :  Course Rating 64.7 : Slope Rating 104

Front Nine 32.5/108 : Back Nine 32.2/100

Yellow Tees (Men):  Course Rating 64.0 : Slope Rating 102

Front Nine 32.2/104 : Back Nine 31.8/99

Red Tees (Women): Course Rating 66.9 : Slope Rating 116

Front Nine 34.0/118 : Back Nine 32.9/113

Course Handicap Tables are displayed on the external Notice Board (opposite the entrance to the ladies locker room) and in the Locker Rooms. England Golf recommend downloading the MyEG app which enables you to view your course handicap at any course in the U.K.