Dress Code | Ben Rhydding Golf Club
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Dress Code

Dress Code – On the Course

Like most courses in England we require golfers to dress appropriately. This involves:

Collared shirt tucked in at the waist
The collar should be obvious, as in the traditional polo shirt, or high turtleneck.

No denim jeans
Denim jeans should not be worn. Cords, chinos and trousers with patch pockets that are not denim, are acceptable.

No training shoes
Shoes designed specifically for golf should be worn at all times on the course, particularly as a health and safety issue to prevent slipping.

Tailored shorts
Tailored shorts with any colour of knee-length socks, or short white sports socks. ‘Tailored’ means constructed in the same way as trousers, but designed specifically as shorts. They will normally have belt loops and trouser pockets, NOT multiple pockets, and a crease. Fabric should be as for normal trousers, flannel or natural fabric for example, rather than shell, lycra or nylon. Length should be just above the knee.

Knee length socks
These can be of any colour and would normally have a turn down top.

Short sports socks
These should be ankle socks. ‘Invisible’ trainer socks are not acceptable.

Dress code – in the Clubhouse

Tailored shorts may be worn in the Clubhouse until 7pm.
Trainers are not permitted.
After 7pm – Smart casual dress.