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Safety on the course and winter mats

  • Some time ago your committee decided that when playing the 3rd / 12th hole and if there are players on the 2nd / 11th tee then those preparing to tee off from the 3rd / 12th should wait for the players to tee off from the 2nd / 11th.

    I hope this makes sense – it is simply to ensure that if those teeing off from the 2nd / 11th make a total mess of their tee shots then those waiting on the 3rd / 12th can at least be watchful of the path of the ball for their own safety.

    With the winter course now in operation Howard still has stock of the little green mats to be used on the approach to the 4th / 13th and 9th /18th greens. Available to you for as little as £5!!


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